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Mall of America Field Effectively Inspires Shopping at the Metrodome


The Minnesota Vikings announced a naming deal for the Metrodome today as the Bloomington based Mall of America has bought the rights to call the field within the Metrodome – wait for it – Mall of America Field. How delightful. While not necessarily mind blowing – the Vikings and the Mall of America do have several partnerships – it does grate me to no end that stadiums continue to provide naming rights to their structure, their field, the seats, the entrances and anything else that you could whore out for an extra buck. Only low life’s do that type of stuff.

But it got us thinking, if the vaunted Field Turf at the Metrodome could be sold off, what else Vikings related in the Metrodome or metro area could be sold for an extra buck? Following is our list of potential naming right opportunities that the Vikings should continue to explore. Make sure to add your own ideas in the comments:

– Surly Beer’s Kid’s Seating Section

–  Lois Fledman Urinal Soaps

– Randy Moss Water Bottles

– The Green Institute’s Recycling Bins

– Jesse Ventura’s Giant Foam Finger (Only has middle one up, of course)

Nazi Germany’s Teflon Dome

– The Gay 90’s Dome Dogs

– The Artist Still Known as Prince’s Half Time Entertainment

– Mary Tyler Moore’s Gaping Locker Room Entrance

– VIKTOR the VIKINGS Rape Plaza

– Denny Hecker’s Private Player’s Parking Lot

– Red McComb’s Blackout Ticket Windows

– Paul Allen’s “OH MY HEAVEN’S” Speaker System

– Kenechi Udeze’s Metrodome Medical Center

Darrion Scott’s Stadium Safety and Security

Chai Soua Vang’s T-Shirt Shooters

– The Los Angeles Laker’s Minnesota Vikings

The 22nd Street Station’s Minnesota Vikings Cheerleading Squad

– The Reusable Minnesota State Fair Fryer Grease

– The Intimidating Ann Carroll Halloween Masks

– Carl Eller’s Drunk Driving Check Point

Jeff Dubay’s Designated Smoking Areas


And that’s just the start. Do you have any suggestions for potential Vikings whoring? List them in the comments!