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MEME WATCH: Vikings Related Fantasy Football Team Names

There's always a random moment during the summer when it hits me. All of a sudden there's a week left in July and I'm thinking to myself, "Holy crap! I don't have a fantasy football team name yet!" 

So that's what we're here to do today. As leagues across this fair country are renewing their offices, planning their drafts, and coming up with witty fantasy team names, we are going to do likewise. With us, of course, we are looking for the best VIKINGS related team names, though. Naming your fantasy team after your favorite real team is always tricky (what if you name it after Purple Jesus and he doesn't even end up on your squad?!), but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try. 

After the jump we've listed some of our favorite one's we've come across (hat tip to r/minnesotavikings), a few we've used in the past or have made up, and hopefully more of your ideas in the comments.

First, my team name for the season and really … The best option for anything purple related this year:


But any of these could be fine choices too:

– Purple Reign

– Ponder in the Butt

– Ponder's Shirtless Men

– Favre Dollar Footlongs

– The Dick Slingers

– Sharrif of Nottingham

– New Sharrif in Town

– The Orange Peanuts

– Kalil Me Maybe

– License to Kalil

– Kalil Drogo's Khalasar

– Kalil of the Wild

– Kaliling You Softly

– A View to Kalil

– Demarcus Love is a Battlefield

– The Care Blairs

No Moss

Nacho Vikings

– Purple Jesus Disciples

– Sons of God

– Gerhart's Flowers for Algernon

– The Magical Griffens

– AP Bulletin

Baca Locka Flames

Mistral Raymond's Foam Party

– Bond, Travis Bond

– Weapon X's

– Rhodes' X-Men

– Rhodes Scholars

– Matt Cassel's Wife

– The Audiesel Train

– Chris Cook's Fists

– Kevin William's Diet Pills

– Stupid Mother Fuscos

– Stupid Mother Packers

– The Wright Stuff

– Guion Guy

– Touch My Peterson

– Sandejo's Bandejos

Jamarcan Me Crazy

Call An Audie-ble

Desmond Bishop Tutus

– Jeff Locked and Loaded

– Denny's Drum Set

– Kluwe's Spakleponies

– Matt Birk's Civil Union

– Straight Cash Jabronies

– The Metro-Don'ts

– MNTwins Big Brother

– Visanthe's Dong Show

Jabba Da Sewanga Wonga

– Kleinsasser's Bearded Clam

– Slippin' the Chilly

– The Purple Nurples

– Double Sided Dominance

– Adrian's Scar Tissue

– Helga Hymens


– My Raging Ragnar

– With My Peterson ("Who you playing this week?" "I'm playing With My Peter,son!")

Josh Duhamel's Favorite Team

– Jerome Simpson's Pot Dealer

– Larry Dean Sausages

– McLeod, Bethel, Thompson & Partners

Culpepper's Foreclosed Team

– The Sullen Cullens

And so many more. Let's hear yours in the comments. PJD Fantasy Football league update coming soon.