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Mini Camp Highlights in SLOOOW MOOOTION!

The Minnesota Vikings wrapped up their mini camp this last week. That was probably the last bit of NFL action that you’ll see up until FIVE SUNDAYS FROM NOW when the Hall of Fame preseason game is played. Five Sundays only, can you believe that? I am excite.

Regardless, to get us through these doldrums of summer where you have to spend time with your family and Sunday television pretty much sucks alligator dong, we bring you today slow motion highlights from mini camp posted at Vikings.com (I would still love to embed the video, nerds! Get your shit straight, NFL!). In addition, we also make a SUPER SMART ANALYSIS about the throwing motions between our two quarterbacks.

Click on the link to go watch the video, then come back here and CHAT.

One of the things that stood out to me right away from the video is how awesome Blair Walsh’s slow motion kicks are. The other thing is how both through the angle and slow motion, you’re able to see the trajectory of a pass a lot better from a quarterback. Obviously, since it’s no contact drills and basically just playing pass-and-catch, there’s not a ton to see, but you get an idea of – even with this – how god damn difficult it has to be to be an NFL quarterback.

Both Vikings quarterbacks, Christian Ponder and Joe Webb, display a couple of on target throws in this video, but both also show a lack of accuracy. The first time you see Ponder throw, as depicted in the image at the top of the post, he has a weird looking follow through (can’t be his “natural” throwing motion, can it?) and almost swings his leg around. This pass does hit the receiver (Harvin, it looks like?), but he’s got to turn around for it a little bit. In a real NFL game, that would leave him open to getting shit canned, unless you were playing against a Vikings defense (zinger!).

The next shot is Joe Webb throwing to Michael Jenkins, maybe, and Webb’s pass is way out in front of the receiver. Jenkins has to stretch his arms full length to grab it, which he does to his own credit. Webb also looks like he uses very little rotation in this throw. I don’t know if this is typical or not, really, but we do know he’s kind of an athletic freak, and so if the truth is that he’s just so strong he only needs to throw with his wrist, that would mean we need to work a bit harder on finding some shirtless pictures of him, amirite?!

All in all, the video isn’t meant to be anything more than just some casual viewing. Watching Percy work his craft in slow motion, and the shot of Purple Jesus running seen through the tall grass is awesome, because he looks like an animal on the prowl. Rawr!

The big questions though is; can we draw any conclusions from these videos? Answer? Absolutely! But that conclusion is that both Vikings quarterbacks likely have some work to do, and that if either of them were forced into serious playing time if one or the other or whoever was injured, we’d probably be able to get bye alright, as long as the defense stops playing like a bag of dicks. Please?