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More Science Numbers Prove Aaron Rodgers Just Ain’t That Clutch

Be honest with me here.

When the Green Bay Packers play the Minnesota Vikings, and – let’s say – the Vikings amazingly have a lead heading into the final two minutes of the game, how comfortable do you feel? I mean, sure, the Vikings might be driving, might even be eating the clock with some solid runs from Adrian Peterson, maybe creeping their way into field goal range to make that one point lead a four point lead, but we all know what’s going to happen, right? The Vikings will inevitably have to give the ball up to the Packers, with probably 1:20 left on the clock, an entire field for the Packers to drive, where they HAVE to score a touchdown, and because the Packers have that stupid butt face Aaron Rodgers, it’s inevitable that he’ll throw a touchdown in the waning seconds, securing a win for the Green and Fart, dooming the Purple once again, and making me drink until my entire eyes turn black.

But … What if I told you that actually doesn’t happen that often? And maybe Aaron Rodgers just isn’t really that clutch of a quarterback in the 4th quarter comebacks?

According to a scientific ESPN Insider article that was basically re-hashed on The Big Lead for all us poors to read, states that Rodgers only has a record of 5-24 when his team is trailing in the fourth quarter, with an opportunity to take a lead. 5-24! That’s a success ratio of “being clutch” – which totally basically means “not sucking” – of 17%! So, Aaron Rodgers sucks 83% of the time in the fourth quarter! And that’s 25% of the game in which he sucks! #SCIENCEMATH

Of course, apologists around the internet will look to the performance of his defense, and that of those 26 losses, Rodgers actually DID put his team in the lead seven of those games, only for the defense to roll over like a good boy and lose that lead that Rodgers so respectfully worked for. So, maybe his record should really be 12-17? I mean, that’s still like Christian Ponder’s career record, basically, so I don’t get what makes that so much more exciting.

Listen, the point is, number totally don’t lie. These are cold, hard, facts, people. Aaron Rodgers just isn’t that great in the fourth quarter, and no amount of Packer fawning and major media blow jobs can make him better than what he is during the fourth quarter; a choke artist.

But then again, we ALL know Rodgers likes to choke on stuff, amirite?! #ZINGERS