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Music Video Suck-Off: Packers v. Vikings

It’s time to take this border battle to it’s inevitable conclusion. Can you guess what the verdict will be of which grouping of fans, Green Bay Packers or Minnesota Vikings, sucks the most?! Today, we bring you a batch of evidence through the illustrious home-made music video. To start, we present exhibit A: Def Crew’s “Green Bay Packer Anthem”, which they pride themselves on noting that’s it’s ALL ORIGINAL, BRO! Yeah, they made all of the homosexual references up themselves!


Wow. Could anything top that? Maybe … Exhibit B?


Sweet god damn jesus. Listen, I get both of these videos are probably old and neither make their respective fans look good, but we have to come to some conclusion here … So let’s make a case for which one is worse.
n jersey. The Packer fans seem a bit TOO enthusiastic to take their shirts off. They are also gay. At least they can all hang out?

– The Packer guy is a white dude who thinks he’s black. However, the Vikings still have Toby Gerhart on the roster. This is a wash.

– Both videos sample from the worst type of musical “genres” ever to hit recording tracks; metal-rap (think Linkin Park) and … Pop music. Like Lady Gaga, although I’ll admit I’d so totally Poker Face.

– Holy shit that guy wearing the Donald Driver jersey and sing-rapping is just the fucking worst. It’s like someone took their penis dick and tried to fuck my ear, but they couldn’t get deep enough penetration for me to notice so they just screamed rape until the police showed up. Just fucking horrible. I hope he dies.

– I can’t decide which picture I screen capped makes me more angry; the emo fuck dancing in purple or the guy in green trying to suck a sausage out of it’s skin:



Oh wait, I figured it out. I fucking hate professional football now. These two groups of cunt rags have pretty much wrapped it up. Thanks, assholes, you both lose.


And special thanks, I guess, to TotalPackers.com for promoting this shitty Packers video and setting music baack 100 years.