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New Vikings Renovations Include Turning Downtown into a Snow-Mageddon

After a particularly harsh winter in Minnesota which saw the local team beat a bruised as they said good bye to their beloved home stadium. At this time, most of the stadium plans for the new home of the Vikings had already been worked out as December rolled into January, 2013 turned a new leaf, and the cold dredges of winter trudged on with continued freezing temps, additional snow fall, and more polar vortexes than anyone knew could exist.

But that doesn't mean the stadium designers were done looking for inspiration for additional tweaks they could make, not only to the stadium itself, but to its surrounding structures. Hence, "The Minneapolis Deep Freeze Project."

"We knew early on we wanted to design a 'statement' stadium for the Vikings" said one of the designers, I don't know, some guy probably. "We wanted to incorporate elements of the state of Minnesota and the city of Minneapolis into the design itself, so people could look at the structure and have it exude Minnesota Nice. Doing things like at Target Field, where local limestone was used, and trees planted in the outfield originally, pieces that spoke to what it means to be Minnesotan.

"But we realized after our initial plans were approved that we were going about this all wrong. We were looking at our surroundings to try and influence the stadium design, but we should have been looking at designing our influences."

This week the Vikings announced their plans through a new stadium website to provide a bit of a face lift to Minneapolis in conjunction with the new stadium being built. Drawing inspiration from this year's polar vortex and frigid temperatures, the design firm has decided to make the new Vikings home stand out as a colorful beacon of hope nestled among frost giants of buildings and roads. The new design calls for every building in downtown Minneapolis to take on a sheen of white snow, frigid temperatures, and a crystal ambiance to them. From those buildings, the new Vikings stadium will appear to the rescue for any soul looking for refuge from the cold.

"It's really ingenious, actually" said the same design rep, probably. "Everyone tries to build a stadium, but they never think of building the buildings. We're going to flip design on its head and design everything, making the new Vikings home really stand out. We think fans will love it."