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Of Course the Vikings Lost, Tony Romo Cheated!

As we've already reviewed, the Vikings lost to the Cowboys last weekend despite playing fairly decently. The whole thing seemed rather odd, didn't it? I mean, the Vikings play probably their best game of the year, against a – by definition – mediocre Cowboys team, and they end up losing? The law of averages says this is total crap, and what do you know? We finally have evidence that says it IS CRAP.

Would you possibly believe it if we told you that Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo cheated his way to a win against the Vikings? Because he did!

Tony Romo Cheater GIF

As you can see, TV cameras caught Tony Romo in the middle of the third quarter kicking the football up past the first down line in order to get his team a new set of downs. Unbelievable! A total cheat! Against the rules! I wish I would have thought of that!

Now, some people may say, "Hey, what's the big deal?" The Cowboys didn't score on that drive. In fact, after the 11:00 minute mark in the third, the Cowboys didn't score until the :35 seconds left in the game. So was it really THAT big of a deal that Romo so blatantly cheated (because he did)? It's just one measly cheat, right? Not that big of a deal.

Except for when you start thinking about all the other times Romo or other Cowboys probably did this and the cameras didn't catch them. Because you KNOW it happened. That's the only way Texas does anything. Remember Nebraska vs. Texas, putting one second back on the clock? BULLSHIT. Texas is full of jerk holes, and Romo is evidence of it.

Little do they know that they are going to finish the year 8-8 (see: mediocre), and we're going to go 1-15, get a top draft pick, and then go Troy Aikman era on their ass. EAT IT, STUPID FACES.