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Oh Man Do I Love Randy Moss

Admittedly, things are kind of exciting for the Minnesota Vikings right now. Brad Childress is a distant nightmare, Christian Ponder is a fading depantsing from your childhood, and Teddy Bridgewater makes me feel things I haven’t felt since I rubbed against a body pillow as a young boy. Things are actually looking up for fans of the purple for once, and that by itself is kind of amazing.

So, don’t take this the wrong way when I say this, but being a Vikings fan was still a lot more fun when Randy Moss was on the team. And this Vine video reminds us why:


God dammit. I love him.

Aside from being surprisingly cordial when having to share mic time with fluffernut Donovan McNabb on Fox Sports 1’s Football Daily show, Moss is also keeping busy post-retirement from the NFL coaching high school football in Charlotte. He’s coaching his son Thaddeus, which I’m sure will end with zero screaming and obscenities, and he also stays busy with his NASCAR team and apparently being a red neck from West Virginia, which is amazing and something I love.

Listen, I love Cordarrelle Patterson. He’s fantastic. He’s a funny guy, a dynamic football player, and has a smile that could melt the heart of a juggalo. No offense to Cordarrelle, OK? But he shouldn’t be wearing #84. No one should be wearing it for the Vikings. Ever.

Straight cash homey.