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Packer Fans are still Butt Hurt Over Favre

It’s been two solid years since self-whoring quarterback Brett Favre was TRADED from Green Bay. He went and played a year in New York with the Jets, and then when the Jets released him, he became a free agent, free to do what he please. He could have signed with any football team in the league if he really wanted to, even Green Bay again. Instead, he ended up choosing the Vikings, which is still really annoying, but whatever.

Despite all of these actions, many Green Bay fans are still walking around butt sore from Brett Favre signing with the damned dirty Viking rivals. You find videos like the one above of some fat drunkard who, two years after his secret masturbatory fetish left town, is still talking about Favre like some girlfriend that broke up with him in a previous life (highly doubtful that this fatty is actually dating/married/fucking a blow up doll).

What’s remarkable about all of this is the absolute, undeniable, man on man LOVE that is still seen for Favre out of Wisconsin. Maybe I’ll never understand it, but every single Packer fan still apparently feels like Favre OWES them something. Like this guy said, they all supported Favre when he was all hyped up on pain pills, so now we’re total bros! How dare you play for our rivals! How can you forget when I yelled I loved you from seventy rows up in Lambeau?! It’s ridiculous. The closest thing I could think of for Minnesota fans would be if Joe Mauer would have went and signed with the Yankees, or White Sox or something, but even then, whatever. Who fucking cares. It’s an athlete, not your heffer of a wife. Get over it.

In conclusion, don’t ever change Packer fans. Making fun of Bears fans just isn’t as fun.

Video found here.