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Packer Fans Bring You the Most Disgusting Thing You’ll Ever See

And there goes your broken mind, into a thousand shards of red hot shrapnel, never again to have the ability to form a coherent thought or think of beautiful things like puppies, rainbows, and Vikings touchdowns. These two Packer fans have forever torn the light from the world.

This image was captured by some fans at last Thursday’s Browns-Packers game and has been crushing souls ever since. Not because people are sitting there thinking, “Hey, these two old wrinkled fogey’s are pretty creative! How funny!” but rather because they have been granted the gift of mental imagery which will never be erased from their grey matter. Like the following …

  • Two old people ordering a hot dog at a Brewers game, and lathering it up with sauerkraut, relish, ketchup, mustard, and maybe even some finely diced onions, before they lock eyes and feed it to each other Lady and the Tramp style
  • Overweight Packer fans sharing an old HP desktop computer, gingerly placing their hands over each other’s on the mouse as they order their two custom jerseys together, laughing and sharing a beef stick as a late night snack, drunk off of 3.2 beer on a Saturday date night
  • This dudes wrinkly old balls sledgehammering her ashen axe wound as he fills her “00” hot dog bun with a warm shot of beef injection, before turning her around and letting her gobble up ever ounce of that slender Wisconsin meat with her hungry, open maw, adding plenty of creamy toppings to an ever growing soggy bread bun.

There. We were all thinking it. Now everyone just go kill themselves and never speak of this again. I am so, so sorry.

(via KSK)