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Packer Fans Hate this Video Twice Over


Get it? Because they probably hate Purple Jesus because he’s a Viking and because they like to have sex with young children, which this video is poo-pooing.

Anyway, here’s a video of Purple Jesus starting a fire with his HANDS. The only time I’ve ever been able to do that was when I spent an entire evening fapping on speed. He’s also being a real man while drinking coffee, looking all cool, and wearing a hooded sweat shirt that looks suspiciously like one I own. Did he borrow it from me? …. Perhaps. Or, he borrowed it from Br who took it from my house after I gave him cab money for the ride home, if you catch my meaning. GAY STUFF!

Thanks to Vikings Gab for finding this video, but then ruining it by reminding us that Purple Jesus said a bunch of out of context stuff about being a slave and white people got upset. WE GET IT, WHITE PEOPLE, YOU’RE SCARED.