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Packers Coaches Keep Their Minimum Wage

It was reported earlier in the news that the Super Bowl winning Green Bay Packers were one of many teams during the lock-out faced with the real possibility of needing to cut coaches and team personnel salary. However, this earlier report was proven to be inaccurate this week, as NFL Coaches Association director Larry Kennan admitted he accidentally reported this information falsely. His quote says:

“That information I provided was incorrect,” Kennan said today. “I called them and apologized, and want to get the record set straight. The Packers have not withheld any pay and have no plans to do so.”

He then continued to say:

“To my knowledge, each coach will be keeping their minimum wage jobs. My understanding is that the Packers organization understands the fragility of this tough economic climate, not just for the NFL but for middle-class Americans as well. The coaches, trainers, office and support staff, grounds keepers, and concession staff will all be allowed to keep their Medicare coverage, receive stipends for Fish Fry Fridays at the local Applebees up to four individuals at a dinner at once, and a 5% discount at the Centerfold Exotic Show Lounge on Sunday afternoons.”

“Once again, I apologize for this error, to the great people of Wisconsin, and wish them nothing but Keystone Light, Slim Jims, and hemorrhoid cream in their future.”

What a nice man. I’m glad that, even though the NFL is still seen as a juggernaut of an organization in America, that these wonderful “small market” teams still allow their coaches and representatives to live life to the fullest allowed in their local sink holes. Congrats!