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PJD’s Game Thread: Panthers vs. Vikings QB Mash Up

What an exciting two weeks, huh Vikings fans?! We finally get our first win of the year behind the copper arm of Matt Cassel, then head into a bye week with amazing quarterback controversy that was only exacerbated by Josh Freeman all of a sudden rolling into town, too. Then of course, Adrian Peterson's mystery son died in Sioux Falls because some a-hole decided shaking it was a good idea. Also, uh … Not to compare it to Peterson's situation, but Blair Walsh has a hamstring injury. So, finally back to football?

Anyway, let's see how this one plays out. We got a Purple Jesus Diaries Game Thread today, again, finally, so jump in here and tell us how awful (or great?) the team looks today. With all the arm flailing over the quarterback position, let's not forget that this defense we're sporting is still a crap shoot. Unless Josh Freeman is suiting up to play cornerback all of a sudden, I'm still a little concerned about that side of the ball.

Either way. We win this game and things start looking a little more manageable as far as pretending we have a chance still for the rest of the year. Lose, and we DEFINITELY go full in for the 2014 draft. So what's it going to be?

Enjoy the game everyone.