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PJD’s Game Thread: Titans vs. Vikings Preseason Finale

By the time this game starts at 7:00 PM, I'll assume the Golden Gophers opening game of their college season will proverbially be over as well, since they'll be down like 77-(-2) or something. So enjoy some preseason football instead.

It's the final Purple Jesus Diaries Preseason Game Threads tonight. We join back in the following weeks with a REAL game thread, whatever that means. We'll be watching players like Bobby Felder and Matt Asiata tonight give us insight into just how awful we'll be if the entire team gets hurt. Let's hope it doesn't ever come to that.

In the meantime, enjoy watching the Gophers eke out a close one, or just get out and go to the State Fair instead. PJD readers (all 6 of us!) will be doing our fantasy draft around half time, too, so it should be a night of much embarrassments. Enjoy the game!