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PJD’s Game Thread: Vikings vs. 49ers Prime Time Tease

Welcome to a special preseason Primetime edition of the Purple Jesus Diaries Game Thread! It's like a real Sunday night football game, except that it's still preseason so it doesn't matter. But let's pretend it does, because football on a Sunday is always enjoyable!

Tonight is a big night for the preseason. It's the third game of the preseason, meaning that this is the first time the starters will play for an extended period together. What does that mean for the Vikings? Well, hopefully less Toby Gerhart, which is NOICE, but also a lot more time for us to watch Christian Ponder play like a bumbling child amongst men. My question is, when he inevitably looks like crap again, in extended playing time against a legitimate defense, AND with Adrian Peterson playing at his side, what will be the apologists excuse this time? "He needs more time still?" "The other team had linebackers?" I can't wait!

Hoping against hope that Ponder proves me wrong, and he actually plays well for the rest of his life, but the pipe dream notwithstanding, I'd also like to see more flash from Cordarrelle Patterson, some sparks form Marvin Mitchell, Larry Dean, and Michael Mauti to solidify their roles on the team, and a defense that looks competent for at least a half. That would be some exciting preseason football.

Enjoy the game, folks. We'll be back tomorrow with a recap.