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PJD’s Game Thread: Vikings vs. Bills Friday Night Fights

Welcome to the Purple Jesus Diaries Game Thread, where the feigned interest in back ups is made up, and the points don't matter. Tonight, we watch an interesting Buffalo Bills team become aghast as their opponent runs onto their field likely wearing purple pants. Will you be equally appalled by it? Maybe!

Tonight we have our eyes on extended playing time for the team's starters, including Shirtless Ponder, as well as our first looks at rookie Xavier Rhodes (should get some extended playing time) and Packer cast off who may be dead, Desmond Bishop. Should be a stellar night. 

So enjoy the game, and let's get drunk and then talk about how drunk we are. If you haven't, make sure to read our game preview from earlier today, because the LAST thing we tend to do is preview the actual game. It will help you pass the time.