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PJD’s Game Thread: Vikings vs. Cowboys

Welcome to another Purple Jesus Diaries Game Thread! Join us as we talk randomly about how awful the team is this week, how bad the play calling is, and how much we can't wait for the 2014 draft.

If you want to do something stupid though, like live in the moment, and "still cheer the boys on" for a win that would be more harmful than good right now, I guess here are a couple of things to think about today. Will Christian Ponder lead the team to another game of 30+ points? You know he's done that all year so far. So, is it really the offense that is awful, or should we fire-bomb the defense first? Will Adrian Peterson put on a show in Dallas? Will Tony Romo throw for 500 yards? Is Marcus Sherels one of our starting cornerbacks? So much fun available to be had!

I guess "enjoy the game" because whatever. We're halfway done with this season after today, so be thankful for that. If you want to watch some good sports play locally, tune in to the Timberwolves later tonight when the play the Knicks. I say if they beat the Knicks tonight, there is going to be a real big push in the media to be the NBA darlings this year. Being from Minnesota (or at least liking Minnesota sports teams), you should probably jump on that bus early.

Now, let's drink!