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PJD’s Game Thread: Vikings vs. Lions Season Kick-Puncher-Off!

We're finally here! It's the first Purple Jesus Diaries Game Thread of the 2013 regular season, and we're not here to mess around. The Vikings are apparently ready to go for the game as well, as early reports are indicating that for the first game of the season, the Vikings are ready to bust out the purple pants. No pretense this year, apparently, just full blown in-your-face-ness.

This will be our first opportunity to see quarterback Christian Ponder play without any excuses this season. He'll have Adrian Peterson behind him for the whole game, and all of his offensive weapons out there ready to roll. So, IF he ends up performing poorly, let's just say accidentally he does, what can we blame that performance on then? The fact that it's on the road? Blame the purple pants? Ponder apologists better start coming up with their excuses now. As for us "haterz", we better just be ready to starting stuff crow down our gullets in case Ponder actually performs mediocre. I hope I get a plateful of it.

Regardless, enjoy the game people. Vikings football is back, and back for a long time now. Let's enjoy the season and wish for the best. Drop all your random game thoughts here.