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PJD’s Third Annual NCAA Balls Out Tournament


For the third year now, Purple Jesus Diaries is offering YOU the chance to prove you're SMURT at sports, beyond just being a football noodle head. We've created a bracket tournament for this year's NCAA tournament, and encourage you to join in. Like every year, people scramble throughout the week to find opportunities to join NCAA bracket pools, even though they either didn't watch a single game of college basketball this season (that's me!) or if they did, they all involved the Minnesota Golden Gophers, which is pretty much the exact same thing as NOT watching a college game all year, anyway. I mean, really. The fact that they got an 11 seed is criminal.

Anyway, you should join our bracket. You can find it over on Yahoo! Sports (you'll need to sign up for an account to join #SorryNotSorry), and we encourage you to bring your friends over there as well. Whoever wins will get a free t-shirt which I will purchase for you from the AMAZING PJD Merchandise store. Since the last time we've run a contest, there's been some new shirts added, so make sure to check them out.

In the mean time, if you're still on the fence about whether or not you should join this bracket, here are some of the perks to members:

– Jesus Christ, it's free, why would you not sign up for it.

– We typically will do some sort of recap, highlighting great picks and awful embarrassments throughout the tournament. This makes for a lively community and gives you ample material to reference when making fun of how stupid your friends are. Perks!

– Being a football blog, the chances of any jackass joining and knowing a single thing about college basketball are pretty slim. Meaning, you could probably join and have a legitimate shot at getting a free t-shirt. It's free! Who doesn't like free shit?! Also, these types of scenarios are the ones where the total imbeciles will end up winning everything, so maybe that's not a great convincing point.

– Because it's fun. And you're going to fill out like 10 brackets anyway. Why wouldn't you do this one, dick?

Anyway, there are my reasons. I hope you'll join in and we can all have a fine lollygag over this foible of sports betting. On to the games!