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PJD’s Call for More Mail Dump!
WEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!Awwwww gross.

Oh, hey there. Are you a new reader? See, back during football season PJD would do this thing every Friday called a “Mail Dump” where we would answer any and all of your questions that you may have. Frequently, surprisingly, a lot of them had to do with Vikings football. Who will step up with Antoine Winfield injured? What’s wrong with the offensive line? What would YOU do to fix Peterson’s fumbling problems? Those are all valid questions. We also got some questions though that were off base. What the hell is wrong with people from Wisconsin? How do you make your Pico de Gallo? If you could punch only one opposing player in the face, who would it be, and would you fake him out and then try for a nut shot? Also, good questions.

So we’re opening things back up with football season quick approaching. You may have questions about what to name your Vikings-centric fantasy football squad, or who will compete for the nickel back spot, or what the hell the plans are for QB in the future. You may even be wondering why the Wolves just traded Al Jefferson for almost nothing. Hey, you e-mail it and we’ll answer it! So send your letters to purplejesusdiaries@gmail.com or send us a question (and follow us!) on Twitter, and hopefully we’ll get enough to make a Mail Dump out of it.

Exciting stuff. Looking forward to it.