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PJD’s Fantasy Football League Update

 Wait, what? Someone actually went through with this idea? Well, yes. Kind of.

Invitations to PJD’s Inaugural Fantasy Football contest were sent out this weekend to lucky participants. Mostly, it’s the four of you that read this site, so if you were anticipating one and didn’t receive it, make sure to check your bulk mail or spam box, as I most assuredly have been sending you opportunities to purchase a certain male enhancing product at a discounted rate. AND I WILL CONTINUE TO MAIL YOU UNTIL YOU BUY IT, I SWEAR.

I won’t bore you all with the details of scoring, the playoff format, my message board rules that make me sound like an AARP member, or things of that ilk. I will say, for those participating, that the draft will be on August 20, 2010, at 7:30 PM central time. It is also sponsored on Yahoo! Fantasy sports, and the winner will get to choose from one of the AWESOME shirts listed at the PJD Merchandise shop. Also, keep an eye out there, because we’ll start adding new items as appropriate. As you can see already, we’ve created a White Lightning shirt for your fall collection. Exquisite!For those who’ve made it this far, continue after the jump to share in the laughter of our poor attempt at fantasy football team name humor:

Thus far, the list includes:

– Wilf’s Stache

– Parole Models

– Ass Virginity Counts

– Insatiable Taint

– Mel Gibson’s Athletes

– Feisty Fingers

– Visanthe my Shiancoe

Hilarious! What’s your favorite so far? Also, if you did voice your interest and didn’t receive an invite, don’t fret! There may be attrition from people who suck at following up with things. And if you really, really wanted to get in, hey, honestly, I appreciate your interactivity. If people find it amusing from their daily activities, we can continue to post some updates throughout the season. Also, if you have a great fantasy team name idea, don’t hold back! Drop it in the comments.