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PJD’s First Not-Annual Balls Out Tournament Winner!

Son of a bitch, I was feeling really good about winning this joke of a contest until Kentucky pooped in their shoes. Idiots.

Anyway, let’s congratulate reader SweetLeaf who embarrassingly chose Duke to win this year’s NCAA Tournament and subsequently won PJD’s First Not-Annual Balls Out NCAA Tournament! Seriously, if you pick Duke a little bit of you has to die, doesn’t it? Regardless, (s)he wins a t-shirt of their choosing from the PJD merchandise store. Oh, you haven’t looked at the merchandise store? Do so. It’s preeettttttty sweet.

Anyway, SweetLeaf, let me know what shirt you want by emailing me you choice, as well as your mailing address, name, social security number, things like that. The email is purplejesusdiaries@gmail.com. If anyone else wants to email us stuff as well (questions, free movies, Twitter feeds, nudie pics, whatevs) that’s fine too.

Again, congrats! And for the rest of you? God, you suck at picking basketball teams. Thanks though for participating! It was fun.