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PJD’s Freakday Linkstasy – Keeping with the Vikings Theme

http://purplejesus.files.wordpress.com/2011/04/mnvalkyrie.jpg?w=400The Linkstasy is a feature where we fill space (and get caught up!) by bringing you the best and greatest links from around the interwebs in the last week. Some may have to do with Vikings football. Most probably won’t, though. And at the end, we’ll send you off with our song of the day. Hopefully, this will be a good tool to help you get through this Friday afternoon that just never seems to want to end. WHEN CAN WE DRINK??

Any tips, links, laughs, videos, suggestions, Twitter feeds, home videos, Vikings related or otherwise, that you want to see here send to purplejesusdiaries@gmail.com or leave a message in the comments. Totally awesome links, after the jump …

Jenn Sterger wept from her vagina again: Jenn Sterger apparently was on one of those morning shows are wept from her willow box over how her life was ruined because Deadspin porked her poop butt by going public with these Brett Favre sex pictures. Oh, and she now also has never met Brett Favre. And apparently looks like a sluttier, non-cancery Deanna Favre. Get over yourself, cum busket. First, you stopped being famous because you started wearing more clothes, not because everyone got pissed off at you about throwing Favre under the bus. Second of all … Shit, see? I don’t even remember why you’re around.


Ray Ray is a boxer now: Ray Edwards, probably soon to be former Minnesota Vikings defensive end, is also trying his hand at some boxing now that he’s unemployed like 15% of the rest of the nation. Will he be any good? I don’t know. He is apparently quick and nimble, because he rushes the passer you see, but I question if his punches really pack a wallop. I mean, probably, because I’m a total pussy, but I mean for other real boxers. And isn’t boxing a dying sport anyway? Unless you kick, do people not even watch? I don’t know.

Minnesota is getting an underwear football team: Minnesota is joining the ranks of several other prestigious states and is getting a Lingerie football team. They will be playing in the Target Center this fall. The team name has been released as the Valkyrie, which is pretty clever I think. The logo is what you see above. I’ve spent a week trying to think of punnier names, and I haven’t been able to come up with anything that doesn’t immaturely reference the sex boat, stairwell sex, or double-sided dildos. I feel ashamed. Not as ashamed as when I’ll sit near the top of Target Center with binoculars and play pocket pool, however.

The Vikings will always be the Vikings: There was some new action with the next big stadium push this week. I didn’t really pay attention because I always have this irrational belief in the back of my mind that a new stadium is going to get built anyway, so what will MY lonely vote do? I’m only one man! Regardless, there was a caveat in the proposal that IF the team were to ever move, the state would get to keep all things Vikings including the logo, colors, and our illustrious records of Super Bowl Champi …. Oh.

Da’Quan Bowser is like Randy Moss? I never really thought about this, but the Vikings have a pretty decent track record of picking up on players who have slipped due to health, injury or attitude concerns in the draft. That’s how we’ve ended up with Randy Moss, Purple Jesus, Percy Harvin, and probably others. Vikings Update seems to think that Da’Quan Bowser could be added to that list and would have a similar impact. Hey, as long as we’re not REACHING for a player. That’s when we tend to do bad, isn’t it Troy Williamson?

Age your own whiskey! You better believe I’m buying this shit up like it’s water during the Depression. 

And now our song of the day!