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PJD’s Second Annal NCAA Balls Out Tournament: WINRAR!

How fitting! In what may have been one of the wildest NCAA Tournaments in quite some time (VCU? Virgin ComeUppance?), we somehow had a totally unexpected, random, out of left field winner swoop in at the last moment and steal the t-shirt deal away from what was a guaranteed victory. Also, I totally forgot about this whole thing, which is why you’re reading it on a Thursday. BUT WHO COULD THIS MYSTERY PERSON BE??

Well, if you feel a finger in your rectum, you already know who got ya:

BOOM! FEISTY FAN with her winning bracket ALBINO FINGER MONKEY! She wins for most-not-sucky picks and also for possibly best bracket title.

I know what you’re thinking. How the hell did she win? She got 31 picks right and 66 points. Yeah, I don’t really get how that works either, unless you factor in the stupid stratified point system. Let’s take a closer look at her bracket:

God damn amazing and disappointing. She had UConn and BYU in the Championship game, guessing BYU would win by like, 20 points or something. UConn actually scored only half of what she predicted too. But, hey, apparently no one else put UConn in the finals, or if they did, they sucked it up the rest of the way. I’m not going to change it now, instead, I am just going to request that you go and buy a t-shirt like a grown up instead.

So congrats, Feisty. I don’t remember how far you got in Fantasy Football, but you appear to have made a pretty good impression on the PJD community concerning fantasy games. You now get your own FREE T-SHIRT! from PJD’s Merchandise shop. Browse the entire, sexy catalogue here. Then, E-Mail the size, a mailing address and which shirt you want (I promise I won’t give it to the highest bidder, largely because I would just out-bid anyone anyway). Also, if you see a shirt that’s not made for a laday, and you want it for a laday, let me know. I’ll specially make it because I’m a nice person.

For the rest of you, thanks for playing, even though we all sucked. Maybe do it again for the NFL draft? Let us know.