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PJD’s Second Annual NCAA Balls Out Tournament

Without a doubt, the NCAA Basketball Tournament, aka, March Madness, is the greatest single sporting event for fat white people to participate in without actually playing outside of fantasy football. Also, the men’s tournament is what we’re talking about, not that bullshit women’s game. Fucking weak sauce.

Anyway, here we are putting a call out to any of our readers, their friends, particularly their moms, Twitter followers, you people on Facebook, and everyone in between to join our NCAA Tournament Bracket contest on Yahoo! for the second year in a row. Find the link HERE, sign up, fill out a bracket, and maybe win a t-shirt. A t-shirt you say? Yes! One from the many wonderful shirt options available at the PJD store that I am sure many of you have visited on a constant basis. There’s not a ton of new stuff up there, but keep an eye on it as I will be updating it throughout the tournament with new shirt options.

Now, I know there are tons of websites out there asking people to join their brackets this year. And by all means, you can certainly do that and increase your chances of not looking like a dick by losing your sole bracket. But here are some reasons why you should join our bracket over anyone else’s, encouraging your friends to do so likewise:

– Here at PJD, we take our fantasy games REAL FUCKING seriously. We provide updates weekly (or where appropriate during the fantasy experience) and properly call you out if you’re sucking it up. Fantasy football was great for this in 2010, and we did a pretty stellar job of this with last year’s tournament as well.

–  We have a healthy fan base of people that enjoy ribbing you when you pick Northern Iowa to go to the Final Four. I don’t know if they are in it yet this season, I just know some idiot probably did that last time.

– We come through on our promises of prizes! Sure, it’s a t-shirt and if you’re anything like me you probably have a draw overflowing with old shirts you don’t need. But were they all free? Were they trophies which you can display proudly because you won a measly contest? NO! Well, here is your opportunity, even if you don’t like the Vikings or our t-shirts. I mean, come on, it’s free.

Anyway, there are my reasons. I think some former participants and past winners can vouch for how bitchin’ we are here. So again, sign up, fill out a bracket, and let’s get to fantasy sports.