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PJD’s Snow-Mageddon Holiday Hump Day Linkstasy

We’re continuing a weekly feature where we fill space by bringing you the best and greatest links from around the interwebs in the last week. Some may have to do with Vikings football. Most probably won’t, though. And at the end, we’ll send you off with our song of the day. Hopefully, this will be a good tool to help you get through the upcoming Snow-mageddon. Stock up on canned goods!

Any tips, links, laughs, videos, suggestions, Twitter feeds, people to make fun of, Vikings related or otherwise, that you want to see here send to purplejesusdiaries@gmail.com or leave a message in the comments. Totally awesome links after the jump …

Vikings Gab: VG came with a good take on the recent Favre/Childress fiasco. I pretty much agree with all these points, and would have typed it myself, but it doesn’t have enough jokes about fetuses and poop, so you should just go read it there instead.

Defensive Indifference: DI claims that the reason the running game may be faltering for the Vikings is that their offensive line is too big. Too big?? When was the last time there was an issue over something because it was too big? I’ve only ever had problems with things being too smal … Oh. /small violin plays …

Gally Blog: Get up to date on the appalling, disgusting, yet terribly transfixing Chick Fat Bowl 2009! All they’re going to do is drink it? I’d be more impressed if the loser poured it down their elastic pants without any underwear on and wore that around for the day. MAKE IT SO!

Deadspin: How much would you pay for a picture of Brett Favre getting a tattoo on his ass? $2.00, max? Some guy was looking for $500.00 for it from Deadspin. Crazy? You bet! Worth it? Not at all! Is this guy now an instant internet douchebag? Bet your tattooed ass on it!

Chip Scoggin’s Twitter: I’m sure they’ll probably write up a SUPER EXCLUSIVE!!!!!!!!!111!!!1!!!! article on this over at Vikings Access, but no one pays for that shit so you’ll never read it. Instead, if you scroll through Scoggin’s Twitter feed today you’ll see some comments from players on the Favre/Childress drama. My favorite? Chester Taylor saying “Brad says a lot of words I don’t really understand sometimes.” Oh Chester, don’t ever change.

KSK: Don’t look now, but someone in Minnesota may be a rape victim and his her name is Childress! However, I do agree with the commenter that said this whole thing works better as a CSI: Miami Intro. His comment: “Horatio, the Vikings chance at a Super Bowl victory was horribly murdered!” … “Well, it looks like someone went … TOO FAVRE.” YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas: Because I love you, here are some women who apparently wowed in 2009. Does this mean they just posed nude or semi-nude somewhere or does this mean they won the Pulitzer? I’ll let YOU decide!

Here’s your Hump Day music! I’ve had this song stuck in my head for weeks now…

With thanks to Capital J for some links!