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Play Date: Madden Updates for Your Minnesota Vikings Week Six

Welcome to “Play Date: Madden Updates for Your Minnesota Vikings.” Every week guest author Matthew will provide insight on just how badly our team sucks in video games, as well as real life. He’ll break down offense, defense, special teams, and even offer a digital prediction for this weekend’s game. Let him hear your suggestions in the comments, and read on:

Hey it’s Matthew again for Madden 12 and your Week 6 update.

Improving? Since the Vikings beat the Cards, the guys at EA decided we finally deserved a ratings boost. The Vikes head into Week 6 with a 74 overall rating. We still suck but we’re not that bad… Kinda. If we win this week or should I say if Purple Jesus wins this week, I’m expecting at least a 76 overall. Cross your fingers fellow gamers!!!

Offense-The Bad News: McNabb drops from 79 to 78 overall. I’m not the World’s Greatest Detective but I believe that it has to do with his accuracy during games. Percy drops from 85 to 84. Harvin suffers even in the virtual world because of McNabb.

Offense- The Good News: Our O-line actually got a boost this week which was surprising. Usually we get decreases but not this week. YAY US! John Sullivan rises from 73 to 76 and Phil Loadholt goes from 75 to 77 overall. You can tell a big difference when running with AD on draw plays up the gut and runs to the outside.

Defense-The Bad News: E.J. decreases this week from 88 to 87. Not really noticeable but not wanted.

Defense-The Good News: EA was shocked as much as us when Jamarca Sanford picked off Kolb twice, so they decided to give him a ratings boost. Sanford goes from 78 to 80 – guess they gave a point per pick. Both Jared Allen and Brian Robison rise from 95 to 96 and 82 to 84 respectively. Just from those two points alone, I was able to sack some noob online a total of 9 times with Robison. OWNED!

EA Simulation: Once again EA has picked against PJ and the Vikings with Chicago beating us 10-14. Guess they forget the Bears have the 29th ranked defense in the league. Who knows?

The Other Guys: Staying inside the virtual black and blue division, Green Bay stays at 93, Detroit goes to 89 and Chicago drops to 80. Of course after MNF, the Lions get a big raise while Chicago drops. EA is already showing a lot of man love for Stafford and Megatron. With EA’s simulations, they have Detroit beating SF 34-20 and GB beating St. Louis 31-17.