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Playoff Previews: Mail Dump Reminder for Sexy Playoff Time

I had someone  recently request that I do a photoshop job of Jessica Simpson’s head on Brett Favre’s body, or Jessica Simpson’s boobs on Brad Childress, or her in a Favre jersey, or something else that would produce many, many, many nightmares. I’m not that talented, nor do I have that kind of time to spend in an effort to burn your eyes out, but I thought I would offer this picture that Bleedin’ Purple did over at Rube Chat as an offering instead. I guess it’s supposed to be a burn against Tony Romo or something, Jessica dressed in purple and supporting the Vikings, except that her and Romo haven’t been dating for like two years now and I don’t think he cares at all because she’s an idiot. So instead just go look at her picture and admire that rack. Hurray boobs! Also, quite the fantastic photoshop job with all the details and such. I like the Vikings dog tags.

But let’s try something different for the Mail Dump in this week’s reminder. Like always, you can still send in your comments, questions, Youtube favorites, amateur hour sexy shots or whatever, whatever, but let me pose a question to the readers to prompt a response to either email or leave in the comments. Specifically, I would be interested in your game day plan thus far. Where are you watching the game? Are you going to the game? Are you tailgating? Is your significant other watching it with you? What’s the drink of choice? Food item of choice? Lucky clothing item? Do you dress your dog up? Do you have adorable pictures? Will you be wearing a thong? I don’t want those pictures unless you’re a female. I would be interested in responses to all of that and would love to feature it in the game preview Mail Dump, so make sure you send your responses to purplejesusdiaries@gmail.com, hit our Twitter feed, hey, join us on Facebook, or leave it in the comments. See you tomorrow for the preview. And stop fapping to the picture now.