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Point / Counterpoint: Vocal Fans at Vikings Games

Welcome to Purple Jesus Diaries’ occasional series, Point/Counterpoint, where we tackle a controversial issue in the world of the Minnesota Vikings and their fans. We look to poll both sides of the debate to provide our readers with an unbiased opinion on the matter. Today, we debate where loud, raucus, “supportive” Vikings fans are truly enjoyable when at a Vikings game, and if that’s something you want to see in the new stadium …

Point … Your Typical Vikings Fan: Oh man! Is there nothing better than being at a Vikings game, and watching the action live? You can just FEEL the energy in the crowd, feel the love and support among the fan base for those great players on the field.

What I love the most about the fans at the games are the ones who wear their hearts on their sleeves, who just live and die with the Vikings and are vocal about it, too. They’ll do anything they can to let others around them know that THEY are the ones who love the Vikings, probably more than the other guy wearing purple next to him. And why? Because they are the ones willing to stand up, yell and point at fans sitting down during a game where the Vikings are getting blown out, begging, pleading, IMPLORING other fans to get into the non-action. Cheering, chanting, fist pumping, yelling obscenities at the opposing team … Someone who is willing to do that is a TRUE fan, and we need people like that at the Vikings games.

That kind of passion is what makes live NFL games so much fun; where you have someone yelling in your face, standing in your view, and pushing you because they want to be the center of attention. That’s true fandom, true passion, a TRUE VIKINGS GAME! SKOL!

Counterpoint … Why No One Likes Going to Games These Days: Holy shit man, sit down. The score is 35-10. We have Christian Ponder at starting quarterback and our defense is as tight as a postpartum wife. Oh look! You can spell the name of the team you’ve followed for your entire life! With the help of the crowd, I mean. Can you do it on your own? No? Didn’t think so.

Can you sit down already? Your 500 pounds are blocking my view of this ass kicking. God dammit, I’m probably missing an awesome game on the Red Zone channel right now. How much better would this be if I could be sitting on my coach in an air conditioned house, watching a different game than this shit show while enjoying a fantastic craft beer for cheap instead of $37 Miller Lites. I could even put on some music in the background, maybe play some video games on a split screen or something, since this game is a waste. Instead, I’m bleeding three plus hours of my life in this awful stadium, surrounded by the lowest common denominator of fan base screaming in my ear telling my I’m an awful fan for not supporting a team getting blown out by 25 points. OK! THANKS FAT SWEATY ASSHOLE!

I’m never coming to a game again because of these brats.