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Point/Counterpoint with … Carl Eller

Point … A representative from MADD

“Let’s make this quite clear up front; there shouldn’t even be a counterpoint to whether it’s ok or not ok to drive drunk. And not even drunk, but even mildly intoxicated. In fact, if you’ve even had one drink and are behind the wheel of a car, driving, then you are a horrible person and God will be your judge. It is the single most irresponsible thing that another human being can do, risking the lives of others by driving while impaired. It has the potential to do devestating harm to the individuals self, to their family, and to all of the other lives that they may affect. It is just disgusting to even think about someone deciding to take that course of action. Every single one of those people that drive while drunk behind the wheel should be tied to a chair and placed in front of a barreling train to await their imminent death, knowing that there is nothing that they can do, because one other person is being irresponsible. It’s just disgusting. I hope all offenders burn for their sins.”


Counterpoint … Carl Eller

“Mmm. Let me tell you about one of my favorite things to do; go out to a club, or maybe a night club, kick back enough cocktails so that my vision blurs and my muscle reflexes are slowed and then go hit the open freeways around the Twin Cities. My God! It is breath taking. It’s like stepping out of a hot sauna after a long night of Boon’s Farm and slowly dripping the darkest of dark chocolate over your burly chest and having a young college freshman like it off as she looks into your eyes like a baby doe. Mmm. It doesn’t get any better. Especially during the summer time! Oh yeah, that’s where it’s at. You let the top down, bring another drink for the road and let the wind blow all your cares away. It’s such a release. I don’t know why psychologist don’t recommend it as some type of therapy! Imagine! An entire world where people can whisk their cares and life struggles away on the highway of life, after a few stiff drinks and ass pinches from the last party. What a life! I hope all people get to experience something so grand.”