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PPA for the Ladies

Money is tight during these tough economic times, but even the most die hard of Vikings fans will have a hard time passing up these hot deals for team apparel and paraphernalia! At Purple Jesus Diaries, we will often bring you information and reviews on the newest and best team apparel that no team fanatic can go without!


Ladies, take a moment out of your busy days and reflect on the possibility of truly mixing pleasure with fun! Because that’s what you’ll be doing when you purchase these one of a kind Minnesota Vikings flirty thong underwear, perfect for fall football games! Finally, a sexy option is available to combine your love for the local team and the pleasure with your man. Imagine his reaction when you both stumble into a Metrodome male bathroom stall to hoots and hollers from other drunken, bewildered and brusque men. Fantasize about the look on his face as his chapped and mustard smelling, Dome Dog loving hands start unbuttoning your pants to reveal this purple people pleaser! Dream of his fumbling speech and the moment when he says, “OH FUCK babe, thessh are SHO fukin’ … BURP! … hahahaha … aaawww yeaaah, aawessome!”. Truly you’ll know that you have united the three greatest things in your life; passion, football, and Mikes Hard Lemonade! Oh! And don’t think those other female eyes won’t be jealous of you as you’re being handcuffed outside of the bathroom by Minneapolis City Police with your hot new thong poking out over your bleach white skin! You’ll be the talk of the town, and in the fantasy of the state!

So what are you waiting for? Purchase your pair of Minnesota Vikings flirty thong underwear and punch your ticket on the next train to Pound Town!