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Programming Notes: 2010 Vikings Recap in LOLVikes

I’m going on vacation this upcoming week. That means I am not posting any breaking news about Favre un-retiring, or Josh McDaniels becoming offensive coordinator, or the team changing their uniforms back to stop looking like circus dancers, or that a stadium bill was passed and we’re now building two facilities, one inside and one outside. I won’t be writing about any of those, especially while I’m gone! Also, no one will even notice I’m not here, so whatever.

What you WILL be receiving is a recap of the 2010 season next week done in our favorite LOLVikes style. Ever game, every week of the season, ridiculed, pointed at, made fun of, and dumbed down into internet humor like the image above. So get ready because we’re knocking these millionaires down a half peg next week by tying them to internet memes and retarding their vocabulary! Join me, won’t you?