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Psychic Octopus Says Favre Will Retire, This is Not a Joke Post

We all remember the psychic German octopus (that also hated Jewish people, I presume) who predicted eight World Cup matches correctly this summer, including the one where those Supermen lost and the Spaniards eventually winning it all. Well, this octopus ISN’T the same one, but it seemed to work for soccer, so how about something related to American football?

At the Mall of America last week, amidst the flurry of Favre retiring news, some brainiacs at the Underwater Adventure Aquarium had two pictures of Favre in front of tasty mussels for the resident maybe-psychic Minnesotan octopus, Loki to choose from. One picture was of Favre acting like a kid out there and still playing football. The other had a red X through Favre, like the sexy photos I try to look at in forum postings from 1998. As you can see in the video, Loki OFFICIALLY chose the mussel behind the red X photo, meaning that ZOMG FAVRE WILL NOT RETURN!! … Although, Loki also apparently took the other mussel later, which might just mean he’s a fat fucking octopus.

Either way, you clearly should bet your mortgage on Favre retiring, so says the Octopus.