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Purple Jesus and Purple Jesus Diaries Wish you a Happy Easter!

I don’t know why we would wish you a Happy Easter. I’m not even getting an Easter basket anymore. It’s odd, because I really don’t even want one. I don’t particularly like tons of chocolate as it is, have never been a fan of Cadbury Cream Eggs, hate those little Peeps things, and think chocolate bunnies suck donkey nuts. I DID always enjoy egg hunts, finding money, and some occasional Starbursts. Oh, and the plastic egg that my mom would fill with chocolate pudding so that it looked like poop. That was a good joke. So really, that’s what I’m missing out on, but I guess I’ll live.

We could have also gone the Jesus being resurrected route and went off on a diatribe about how we hope that Adrian Peterson will return to form soon so that I can call him Purple Jesus again but … that won’t happen until September and that seems like a long ways off. And photoshopping APs noggin onto Jesus’ face wasn’t nearly as funny as this, so that’s your answer.

Enjoy your day. I’m working. /kills self.