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Purple People Apparel: F*ck The P*ckers Shirt

Rarely do we feature an apparel item worth the consideration to purchase, but in this case, we might have to make an exception.

This splendid “F*ck the P*ckers” shirt, posted to Reddit from a sweet Vikings bro, is sure to be a hot seller this fall, once the Vikings prove they may actually be good again some day instead of just being Aaron Rodger’s butt plug. And when that happens? What better way to stick it right up a Packer fans rectum then to walk around in a Wheel of Fortune inspired shirt that – if they’re smart, which they aren’t, so they’ll never actually know what the shirt says – hints at what, exactly, you think of their team? Pretty good.

And who is going to get mad at you? What would they even say? “Hey, buddy, that shirt probably spells out something obscene! You shouldn’t wear that in public!” Oh, well, I’m sorry sir, you are right, I think “Packers” is a pretty offensive term as well, and will turn it inside out to stop offending you, or at the very least roll the bottom of my shirt up over my belly to cover the “Packers” text so as to not offend anyone. My apologies. I mean, no one will do that. And if they do, you just say, “No, you dirty person, it’s ‘Feck the Pockers’, a totally cool indie band that you probably wouldn’t know about.” Then that should shut them up too.

Unfortunately, no information was given about where one could purchase said shirt, but I’m sure it’ll turn up soon. In the meantime, if you want to be reminded about just WHY this shirt is necessary, tell yourself “it’s for the kids.” As in, we much teach the younger generations to “F*ck the Packers” as well:

While the Bears aren’t any better, at least this kid has half of her priorities straight. GO WORLD!