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Purple People Apparel – How to Commemorate Mathematical Elimination from the 2010 Playoffs!

Let us set the scene for you, Vikings fans. Last night you were sitting on your couch, wringing your worn out yet beloved Minnesota Vikings baseball cap as the Giants prepared to kick off to the purple in what looked like the Metrodome in Minneapolis but was actually … FORD FIELD IN DETROIT!!


And what better way for you to remember this great, unusual, highlight event than with this one of a kind, 100% cotton t-shirt that comes in sizes Medium to XXX-Large!

It’s all here! Giants! Vikings! A kind of blurry picture of what could be the Metrodome field if you squint your eyes enough and blot out the left over Honolulu Blue coloring at midfield. This one-of-a-kind t-shirt plays off the “it’s just one of those years!” feel that the Minnesota Vikings claim to the 2010 season. You look at your tickets, you look at this t-shirt, and you go, WHOA! THE ORIGINAL LOCATION IS CROSSED OFF IN RED! THE GAME IS BEING PLAYED IN DETROIT! HOW WILD!

But that’s not all! You think this t-shirt just commemorates a snowed in roof at the Metrodome??! NO WAY JOSE! Just look at the great list of other memorable events that also will forever be remembered when you put on this fine piece of clothing:

  • Brett Favre’s consecutive games started streak coming to an end at 297!
  • Tarvaris Jackson cementing his Free Agency after the 2010 season!
  • The general population of Detroit being able to afford to see a football game due to free tickets!
  • The Minnesota Vikings being mathematically eliminated from the playoffs!
  • Your co-worker wasting over $1,000 to fly him and his wife out to Detroit for four hours!

What an event! And now these memories can be yours as well, any time you take this gem of human clothing achievement out of your drawer, don it, and go outside to mow the lawn, fix the jiggly door knob, or empty the septic tank! It’s all yours to own, now and forever!

So what are you waiting for?! Purchase this once in a lifetime item and share the memories with your family for years to come! Or at least until next week, when the Vikings Team Shop produces a new shirt commemorating the Ice Bowl at TCF Stadium!