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Q&A with Brad Childress: Off Season Update

Things have been oddly quiet on the Minnesota Vikings front the past week or so. And when things are quiet, it usually means there are major preparations going on behind the scene for some type of large scale event. Or it may mean that the team coach was on a fishing trip recently. Whatever. Regardless, PJD has a recent transcript from an interview Coach Childress did with reporters when he returned from his Northern trek that touches on said trip, his daughter’s upcoming nuptials, and the imminent signing of a certain quarterback …


Coach Childress: Thanks everyone for coming out to this mid-week media session. Is it hot in here or is it just me? Anyway, as you could probably guess, there’s not a lot of action going on for us to report, especially nothing that’d we’d mention so openly, but if you do have any questions, concerns, or are just curious about anything, now would be the time to ask. So let’s start with you, Charley …

Charley: Thanks Brad. Reports said that you and current Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid spent some time up in Alaska this past week on a fishing trip. This news ruffled some feathers because the media couldn’t believe that you would go vacation with someone who most recently beat your team in the NFL Playoffs. How do you respond to that and was the trip amiable? Did the two of you discuss any football at all or was it purely a pleasure trip, focused on fishing?

Childress: You know, a lot of people make a lot of noise out there about a couple of old guys going out of the country on a trip together for a little R and R. Me and Andy go way back as good, close, intimate friends that experimented with some things in college and now people want us only to be detached business associates? What about that passion we had for one another as young men, that exhaustive connection? No, it’s silly, you can’t just throw that away. We’ve been giddy over a trip like this for years, an opportunity for two men to just get away from it all in the north woods. No stress from the media, kids or wives. Especially the wives. It was just an opportunity for us to drop our worms in the watering hole, see if we could get some nibbles and bring in a big prize that we could potentially mount near a roaring fireplace. There was no football discussed … but we did find some time to play some ball games in our retreat down time. Listen, it was much needed for both of us, we had a great time, we’re both exhausted now, but obviously that’s over with and we both have to get back to the grind with our respective players and teams.

Good question. Skip? You got a question?

Skip: Yes, thanks coach. Your daughter’s wedding is coming up this weekend. Although this isn’t really a football related item, I imagine it does cut into your football plans. First, how excited are you for this weekend? Are there any words to describe watching your child go through a life changing event like this? And second, do you approve of the guy? Ha ha!

Childress: Ha, well, that is a good question. For her, I approve of the guy. I mean, he’s not really my type and maybe isn’t the first man I’d pick out of a line up, but they’ve been dating for a while and him and I have had a couple of sit downs and late night hushed conversations and have really learned to fancy each other’s company. He’s a very strong willed man, but like I told my daughter, you’ve just got to know where his pressure points are and he’ll end up melting in your hands, as I found out. I think that’s probably true with any man out there, ladies. You just got to know where to touch them, and while my daughter should be fine, I’m not going to lie to you and say that I’m not maybe a little better than her at it. I mean, I am an NFL coach. I train, poke and prod young men all day long to get them to be better guys than they ever thought they could be. And no, there’s nothing more exciting than watching your daughter accept a loving, caring, passionate man such as her fiancé into her life. It’ll be an explosive, bone rattling, blur of a weekend, but I’m sure we’ll all relish the time spent together.

One more question. Sid, I know you’re dying to ask about Favre …

Sid: You can read me like a book Brad. I ask because everyone wants to know. Training camp is coming upon us, July 31st, and many of us are anticipating that a certain Mississipian quarterback will be on the roster. What can you tell us about one Brett Favre and his relationship with the Minnesota Vikings over the past few weeks?

Childress: Well, Sid, what I can say is that over the past few weeks I have been busy joining the Mile High club flying to and from Alaska with worms in my pocket, anticipating some pole handling and capturing of slimy meat out of murky waters. What can I tell you about Favre? I can tell you he looks good, so good. I know he’s down south, right now, probably trimming some bushes, maybe tenderizing his joints. I can tell you some people don’t like the idea of him John Handcocking with the Vikings. I can tell you that he has not Handcocked the Vikings, or myself, as of yet, and that there are no guarantees of whether he’ll ever be in Minnesota to famously sling some balls around. I don’t know. All I can say is that every day when I come to Winter Park I make it my duty to look at every young man, and sometimes an older man, that is available for the Vikings to pursue to make our team faster, stronger, harder and better. I would be letting the team down if I didn’t, and I never disappoint my men. Never. If that means Favre, then that means we’ll grab him tight and not let go until he’s convinced with enough money to let us keep our hands on him.

That’s all for now. Thanks for the questions and maybe we’ll see you next week for a big, exciting, long, intimidating signing announcement! Ha, just some coach humor …