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“It Sounds like a Choir of Angels Simultaneously Orgasming”


Here at PJD, we like to have fun with some of the Vikings players, clearly. In some cases, we call certain players land stealing whore mouthed geriatric fuck faces, and some we call Purple Jesus. In the case of Vikings punter Chris Kluwe (aka, The Guitar Hero, aka, Chris Warcraft), we like to bring attention to his band Tripping Icarus. I haven’t really heard them, partially because I’m really lazy and don’t care all that much, but apparently the sound like a choir of angels simultaneously orgasming, as Kluwe recently posted on his Twitter account.

Oh, he has a Twitter account, by the way. Feel free to follow it. He seems nice.

While Kluwe quickly back stepped and tried not to offend anyone in 140 characters by acknowledging that saying something like this may be slightly blasphemous, I say enough of that. Let me do the offending, Kluwe. Also, let me take you at your word about your upcoming CD. So you say you like the sound of a choir of angels simultaneously orgasming, huh? Then you may also like the sounds of:

-The interrupting State Farm guy getting raped in a prison cell

– A Friedberg & Seltzer movie bombing at the box office

– The clock striking midnight signalling Selena Gomez’s 18th birthday

– A courtesan saying “This one’s on the house” and meaning it

– The “gulp” of a swallow during fellatio

Among many others. I’m sure the fans can help you expand your aural cache. To the comments!