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“They Hollywood as Hell, but They’re a Good Team”

Does that make you squirt in your pants just a little? Seeing some California sunshine, Hollywood iconography, maybe some palm trees and then BAM! 100% Cheese Free and Vikings horns right in your face! And! If you look a little closer in the corner you can spot a NEW Vikings logo, too. I mean, nothing totally different, just the same old Norsemen head, the Vikings font and then LOS ANGELES right above it. Bard. Next thing you know there’ll be photos of Percy Harvin in a flower shirt and cargo shorts long boarding by the beach with Lauren Conrad. I mean, I’d be happy for him poking that smash-piece and everything, but still … that’d be depressing. Probably on several levels.

That’s about it though. We just wanted to say hi on this summer Friday morning with this demoralizing photoshop job we found courtesy of VikesStadium and Save The Vikes.org’s Twitter accounts. Will it make you run to the phone and call your representative to tell them they need to approve funding for a new stadium? Me either. Why? …

Because frakly there’s something about that picture that looks oddly appropriate ….!