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QUICK HITS: 2012 NFL Draft-or-Bust Off on Robert Blanton

Welcome to Purple Jesus Diaries’ 2012 NFL Draft-or-Bust Off where we cover all items related to the 2012 NFL Draft as pertains to the Minnesota Vikings. At this point in the year, we will continue reviewing this crop of draft picks. We’ve already looked at Matt Kalil, Harrison Smith, Josh Robinson, Jarius Wright, Rhett Ellison, and Greg Childs, so today we start to introduce you to people picked after the fourth round, also known as special teams’ players! First up is CB Robert Blanton from Notre Lame …

After the fourth round I stop busting my ass copy and pasting from other sites to get you info on these guys, so let’s just right into this mess of late round picks.

NAME: Robert Blanton. He sounds like a cop. He’s also 6’1″, 208 pounds, and played CB at Notre Dame, which has one of the worst defensive backfields I’ve seen in the past four years. NOICE!

NICKNAME? Robert Bland, more like. Just kidding. That was horrible. How about Robert Downey Blanton? Robot Blanton? Blanton Disrespect? We’ll keep working at it.

GOOD: Just kidding, I’m still stealing shit from people. From NFL.com:

Blanton can work in both man-to-man and zone coverage and provide support against the run. He has copious experience playing the nickel position in the slot and should be able to provide an NFL team with depth at that spot. He can recognize routes and jump on them quickly in zone coverage, and he can use his long arms to recover and make plays on the ball in man coverage. There are small inconsistencies in his technique, but he is able to use his size and length to make plays.

“Copious experience.” Are we sure that’s not just a euphimism for drug dealer?

BAD: Also from NFL.com, where I like to steal shit from:

Blanton has struggled with his backpedal and his technique at the top of routes, though he is able to recognize when he’s off-line, stick his foot in the ground and redirect himself. He has a tendency to widen his feet and lose ground, which could prove costly at the next level. He also lacks the elite speed he would need to cover top-tier NFL receivers man-to-man.

Widen his feet. Sounds like a sex move, right? He should get along great on our team.

SO: Lucky for Blanton, he sounds like a better NFL safety than an NFL cornerback, so that’s where the team has been trying him out at. And since we have smeared feces currently at the safety position, Blanton should get plenty of playing time, or – at the very least – special teams’ time. Either way, my guess is he sticks during this youth movement.

What say YOU?