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Quick Hits: Getting to Know … Jamarca Sanford

Jamarca Sanford, no relation to Sanford & Son, or at least I don’t believe there is, was the final pick for the Minnesota Vikings in the 2009 NFL draft. He played safety while at Ole Miss, a school that has somehow been churning out NFL prospects over ThugU, and was teammates with a much higher profile offensive tackle, namely, Michael Oher, who was also close to being a Viking in the first round. Maybe the team got the names mixed up. Sanford is described as a bit of a ‘tweener; too big to play safety in the NFL and too small to play line backer, and was thusly drafted to do … what, exactly? Essentially, he is a wandering soul without purpose, which must be absolutely crushing, or rather, it proves that NFL scouts are randomly pulling names from a hat in the seventh round much like I do in Madden games. If he makes the squad in 2009, and that’s a huge if people, he’ll most likely join fellow late-round draft mate Jasper Brinkley on the special teams squad, being paid a pretty penny to potentially terminate someone else’s NFL career. We should appropriately nickname him the Terminator, or maybe even SARS. Or AIDS. That one has been pretty successful. As an aside, it sounds like he’ll fit in great with this draft class, after it was revealed that he was arrested in 2003 for stealing a car stereo on the Ole Miss campus (thanks for stealing so originally, Jamarca) and had charges of disorderly conduct in 2008 for failure to comply with police outside of a Billiards location in Mississippi. Hey, he was owning that table, cops, slag off!

Anyway, welcome to the team, and if you make it, please put yourself in harms way for Vikings fans, so that we don’t look like huge asshats on special teams again. Thanks.