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Randy Moss and Joe Buck Talk Disgusting Acts

In one of the greatest moments of Minnesota Viking history, Randy Moss caught a touchdown in Lambeau Field during a playoff game against the Brett Favre-led Green Bay Packers, essentially putting the nail in the coffin, embarrassing the Packers on their home field, and knocking them out of the playoffs. And then he mooned the fans. I mean, is that not every single item you would have on your checklist of "Things To Do During The Greatest Day Ever"? It would be for me. 

Unfortunately, that moment has forever been soured when the emotionless robot of Joe Buck, who was announcing that game, decided to chime in with an opinion that no one asked for, saying that Randy Moss' "celebration" was a disgusting act. That declaration has hung over Moss' head (TOTALLY UNFAIR!) for his career, and finally, after what seems like a millennia, Moss and Joe Buck got to clear the air on this time in history once and for all.

Honestly, the confrontation was pretty lackluster.

Joe Buck and Randy Moss are now both involved with Fox Sports One somehow (I don't know how, nor do I care, because holy crap, another sports network? Just show me live games and shut up already), and during a preseason game the other night had a chance to touch base on the issue. We learned that Buck and Moss actually haven't spoken together SINCE that day, but it sounds like it's no big deal to either of them now. Here's the meatiness of what transpired:

"We good? You did your thing on the field, I did my thing in the booth," Buck said, opening the discussion.

"I played the game, you analyzed it, you said what you said, I did what I did, and we moved on," Moss replied, not unkindly. "How about that?"

So ….. That's it. A moment that will forever be on YouTube has been reduced to a 30 second clip of Joe Buck being like, "Haha, sorry dude!" Although, millions more people were watching that game live (with millions more seeing the YouTube reactions), that there will always be more people who think of Randy Moss as disgusting instead of Joe Buck as a wiener push over. 

Life is so unfair.