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Really, Jenn Sterger?

We were all witness, LeBron-Nike style, to Brett Favre getting nearly Darth Maul’d on the third play of the game Sunday afternoon against Buffalo. He went down quicker than an Iowa fan’s wife in the Metrodome. He writhed in pain like a masochist sleeping on a bed of fire ants, and we were all certain that this was the final appearance. That was it. He’s done, he’s hurt, he’s finished. His wang is SO flaccid right now. What more could be done to this poor sumbitch after this season of embarrassment?

Oh, I guess Jenn Sterger could produce MORE evidence that the hairy furr ball of a cock shot we saw from a fuzzy camera phone image was Favre’s tiddly wink? Because I needed more convincing. From Vikings Gab via TMZ, but like shit I’m linking to that:

If the NFL doesn’t come down on Brett Favre for his alleged sexting scandal — his accuser might go public with an “overabundance of evidence” … this according to her manager.

Favre could get word any day now about potential punishment for allegedly sending Jenn Sterger photos of his penis while he was with the New York Jets … and she was working as the team’s stadium host.

Sterger’s manager, Phil Reese, believes she “provided extensive evidence that irrefutably proves there was harassment” — and adds, “No matter what happens Jenn has all legal remedies, including going public … if the NFL doesn’t clear her name.”

Right. Clear HER name, the powerless victim who just wants to let her voluminus breasts hang free for WOMEN’S RIGHTS, and just doesn’t want guys looking at her, she just wants to wear tight shirts! Or whatever.

I have had it up to my Wes Welker height with this lazy bitch. You’re going to produce MORE evidence? Like what? Comparing scars on his hand in the penis shot with the close up ones from a game injury? Do color sampling from his non-white head hairs on his junk box shots? More computer forensics? ZOOM IN ON SECTION 3!

Jesus Christ you stupid bitch, you are just relentless. Are you worried that we’re not all convinced he gave you penis images? Are you just so ready to out this nasty, icky, villainous man who looked at your boobs? Listen, no one likes him. You’re not breaking any ground here. And no one really likes you. You’re vapid, and you know you’re only on anyone’s radar because you’ve whored yourself out your entire life. Hey, baby, I get it. People can change! You’ve had a bout of good consciousness since those dark, sexy, drunken days and you feel wronged! I get it. But I don’t care. Because I already hate Favre. And he already offered you a private island to just shut the fuck about this and you still are squawking out of your Sasquatch vagina.

Just shut up already. I don’t know what else you have to prove a man’s penis is his own penis, but I don’t really want to see it. I know, I know … who would have thought?! But since we already believe it, you should just take the money and run.

Fuck. Such a classy bitch.