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RED ALERT: Shirtless Vikings Do Harlem Shake Video

If that headline doesn't work for the internet, then nothing will.

What you see above is a picture from a video from Vikings players proving that the Harlem Shake phenomenon isn't QUIET dead yet. Unfortunately. It also proves that Harlem Shake videos are only enjoyable when they are shorter in length, and when they involve shirtless NFL players doing them. I also can't embed the video directly for you here because WHAT THE HELL HTML AND YFROG!! But go watch it anyway.

Frankly, the only way this could have been any better is if former Vikings and locker room hero Visanthe Shiancoe showed up for a cameo spinning everything like a helicopter. 

I do need help identifying everyone though so we can get them into the Shirtless Vikings gallery, and continue to build our library of chestiness. I'm pretty sure I see Andrew Sandejo wearing a bucket on his head. Harrison Smith also is there (what other white guys do we have?) being Dirty Harry. I can't tell who that is in the middle. It looks almost like Greg Jennings, but this is advertised as all defensive players. Erin Henderson? And is that what Mistral Raymond looks like without a helmet on? That's weird.

Anyway, let me know your favorite parts, or what else you see, and we'll work on updating our gallery. As an aside about shirtless Vikings, I refuse to take former Vikings down from the gallery, because once your a Shirtless Viking, you'll always be a Shirtless Viking. Even if your shirtless somewhere else.