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Remembering a Decade for your Mail Dump Reminder

Well, no one is going to even see this because you crazy kids will all be out partying tonight instead of writing to me with questions or crazy New Year’s Eve stories, but in my half assed attempt to do some sort of year end or decade remembrance on this New Year’s Eve I created a Wordle out of the Vikings Wikipedia page that covers their history from 2000 to now. If you’re not familiar with Wordle, they take web sites or text and create a word bubble from said text with the largest words being the most frequently used words. I bet if someone did one based off of PJD you’d get a lot of “Jesus”, “Dong”, and “Pedophile”. Of course in our serious example today, you’ll see “Vikings” used a lot, but also surprisingly there’s noticeable discussion about “playoffs”, “touchdown”, “Eagles”, and “Rim jobs”. Ok, I made that last one up. But I think this is a nice visual of the Vikings in the past decade. Also, after the jump I have decided just to list a bunch of random Vikings that I have loved to hate over the past 10ish or so years.

Of course, this is all in an effort to encourage you to send me your questions, comments, favorite or least favorite Viking over the last decade, New Year’s Eve stories and pictures and anything else you can think of for Friday’s Mail Dump game day preview. Emails go to purplejesusdiaries@gmail.com, Twitter feed here, and Facebooking machine here. Enjoy the evening and be safe, otherwise I won’t have anyone to read my horrible posts. Random Vikings you may have forgotten about after the jump …

In no particular order:

-Greg Blue

– Tarvaris Jackson

– Koren Robinson

– Erasmus James

– Jermaine Wiggins

– Spergon Wynn

– Chris Hovan

– Moe Williams (loved him)

– Mitch Berger (drunk)

– Gus Frerotte

– Dwight Smith (Stairwell fucker)

– Brian Russel (The Stokely Rule)

– Troy Williamson

– D’Wayne Bates

– Kelly Campbell (loved him)

– Eric Kelly

– Byron Chamberlain

– Michael Bennet

– Wasswa Serwanga

– Marcus McCauley

– Napolean Harris (The Randy Moss asset)

– David Dixon

– Travis Taylor

– Raonall Smith

– Onterrio Smith

– Ken Irvin (loved him)

– Keenan Howry (hated him)

– Corey Chavous

– Greg Biekert

– Willie Offord

That is a fantastic list.