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Rookie Webb Completes Pass, Challenges for Starting QB Spot

With a performance that both dropped jaws and put a couple of veteran players on the hot seat, rookie wide receiver and former quarterback Joe Webb stunned many Vikings personnel during the rookie training camp period with his completed passes, that rumor has it he will get a shot at playing quarterback during this springs OTAs.

“It was amazing” said offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell. “We put him out there at quarterback during the rookie camp just for fun, because Brad and I were bored, and he absolutely blew us away. I think he completed like, seven of his 15 passes and I swear if that’s not something we’ve seen from any quarterback we’ve ever drafted. You can definitely bet that some people’s roster spots are on the hot seat right now.”

This news is interesting considering the Minnesota Vikings current quarterback situation. As is, 2009 quarterback Brett Favre is still debating whether or not to jerk an entire state around with false hopes by wavering on his commitment to return. Whether Favre does decide to play again in 2010 or not is anyone’s guess, the Viking must move forward with what they have. The options? A guy that is best known for his helicopter move and another young guy with potential that may not know how to read. Oh, and his jump passes are sick.

“We’ve said it all along” said Coach Childress during a teleconference with Telemundo. “We always want to bring in competition at every spot and put our players in a position to win, especially guys like Shianoe. But when you have someone on your hands like Joe Webb, who throws the ball with at least a little velocity but completes at about a 40% clip, that’s a clear upgrade over what’s already on your roster. You have to have him compete. How could you not?”

Webb is excited for the opportunity. Although he managed to play several positions on the field throughout his college career, he entered the draft as a wide receiver. He said he was thrilled when the Vikings coaches told him he’d have an opportunity to play quarterback with them.

“When I heard they were going to put the ball in my hands, I was overwhelmed, just really emotional and excited, you know? But then I got nervous. I’m not even a quarterback. I just jump real high. I guess that means that their current QB situation is a sloppy prom date kind of a mess, or that their current QB can’t throw a very good jump pass. I’m not sure about that last part. I’ve seen some of Tarvaris’ jump throws and man? … Some of the best.”

Jackson couldn’t be reached for comment, although his agent did say after this news that Jackson is “working hard on the trampoline to become the best jump passer in the NFL”. When reached, Sage Rosenfels feigned indifference saying “Let’s be honest, I wasn’t going to see the field regardless, right? So this is a non-issue for me. I’m just excited for the Lost finale.”