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Roster Updates: The Triplett Things Wasn’t a Joke, Apparently

As the mini-camp sessions come to a close, there is about one more month left of brain numbing nothingness surrounding Vikings football news. EXCEPT! Yes, the signing of rookies. In that respect, rookie fifth round pick Nate Triplett – former Minnesota Goofer, you may remember – has signed a contract with the Vikings, joining that Gudio D’Imperio as the only Vikings rookies to sign so far. Cool news, Hansel. What does this say though, if anything? What it says, is that this whole Triplett drafting thing wasn’t a hilarious joke as I had originally thought, since he, you know, is apparently going to stick around for a while.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m sure this Nathan kid is a pretty cool bro. I’m sure he burrito’s his Uncle after the Thanksgiving dinner and everything. I’m sure some readers probably even know him from maybe a house party or an alleged finger banging at the U of M. Awesome! I liked college too! BUT THIS IS PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL, FUCKERS, and I’ll be God damned if some Kevin Cosgrove coached linebacker is going to make it on my team.

Currently, Trips is slated as being a special teams ace, the dream NFL job for any young man. He now joins a linebacking crew that is pretty stacked and a whole hell of a lot better than he is. EJ Henderson isn’t dead, so I am of course assuming he will be returning to the field. Chad Greenway is on white linebacker too many, and young – and going to be re-signed – so that linebacker spot is taken. Ben Leber is going into the final year of his contract and, while white as well, will probably get re-signed too. I mean, come on. Who else wants Ben Leber?

Behind these three is a talented group as well. Jasper Brinkley, who may I remind you has a brother named Casper, saw starting time and will most likely be starting for EJ when 2010 opens. EJ’s brother, Erin Henderson (I seriously can’t believe it’s not spelled “Aaron”, but it’s not like I’m going to fight him about it) has been showing improvement and would appear to be one of the top linebackers for the outside spots if the white boys decide to take a sabbatical or something. Finally, Heath Farwell is old now but still a human bullet on special teams, and there is no way in hell Tripsies comes in and takes his NFL roster spot.

Does this leave room for Nate? AW HELL NAW. If I end up cheering for a team that carries three kickers, seven linebackers, and a 41 year old quarterback I will take a medieval mace to Childress’ testicles. Triplett seems like perfect fodder for the practice squad, if you ask me – which I understand you didn’t but here you are reading my opinion – which isn’t a bad thing. Because, hey, he still gets to play football for a living and he makes WAY more money than I do. Cheers to that, Trips.

And maybe after a year away from Cosgrove you’ll be able to grow under some real coaching, assuming that is what Childress does over there at Winter Park.