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Samantha Ponder is Wendy Peffercorn and Not Much Else Matters

Hey. It's been a REAL rough go for Christian Ponder this season. Dude was suppose to finally break into his own as the starting quarterback, take the next step, and make this team legitimate playoff contenders. But then the defense forgot how to defense, he got blamed for it all, and he lost his starting quarterback position to something named a "Josh Freeman."

But you know what? Very little of that matters when your wife, Samantha Ponder, dresses up like Wendy Peffercorn for Halloween because MY GOD YES.

For those not familiar, Wendy Peffercorn is the lifeguard in the adolescent wet dream sports movie "The Sandlot." She kisses a nerd with glasses called Squints, as you can see in the video below. The Sandlot is apparently some sports movie that all 30-something's love because it's suppose to be representative of their years growing up or something, I don't know. I've seen it. It's a fine movie, but nothing to tug meat about under the table. Here's the clip in question that Christian and Sam Ponder re-created:

So, clearly, Samantha NAILED her part, and Christian certainly played a role, too. But really, is anyone looking at him? … Well, I did, briefly. His arms DO look huge in that baseball T. I just wish they could throw a ball more accurately, is all. But none of that really matters when he played his cards right and landed Samantha, so, good on you CP. Nice work, bud.