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Say it Ain’t so, Sir Chester!

I don’t fully expect that many of you have ESPN Insider. In fact, I wouldn’t have it either except that my Aunt wised up one Christmas and got me a subscription to that instead of to Ranger Rick. That was in 2007. Anyway. Little known fact is that if you have an ESPN Das Magens then you are already an Insider! WOO! And with that, you get lots of insider knowledge like this little nipply bit that I’ll post here, because I promise you no from ESPN will ever read this site:

“The Vikings are working to strike a deal with Chester Taylor before Friday’s deadline, but he could draw some significant interest around the league if that doesn’t happen. If Taylor does leave Minny, one team that could be a fit is the Chicago Bears. Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times noted a while back that Taylor’s skill set would be a good fit for a RB in Mike Martz’s offensive scheme given his skills in blocking and receiving. Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune writes that Taylor is “expected to be in the picture” when the Bears assess free agents to target on offense.”

It kind of … makes sense. Chester would be a good running back for the Bears, and why not stay in the division? He runs on the Minnesota defense all day at practice. Also, he has experience running behind shitty offensive lines (see: 2009 Minnesota Vikings) and still being relatively successful. It’d be a whole lot cooler if Sir Chester just re-signed in Minnesota, but if that doesn’t happen don’t think for a SECOND that I won’t disown your ass! Because I will, just like Birk and Sharper. Dick. Unless you come back. Then we’ll be friends again, once you finally decide to invite me to your house instead of me just watching with binoculars from my car. Hm?