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Say One Nice Thing About Your Rivals

The internet’s deluge of degenerate activity over on Reddit actually posted an interesting question the other day: Can you say at least one nice thing about your rivals? Browsing through it, you see some of the expected platitudes like “Aaron Rodgers is really a good quarterback” and “Boy, I sure like Purple Jesus,” but that’s the easy way out. I thought it’d be interesting for a blog such as this, which has garnered an AMAZING following of three people by being a huge brown spider when it comes to other teams, to see if we could come up with some positive comments about the other teams in the NFC North. I’m sure you’ll have some that come to mind as well, so let’s get to it and see what nice things we can say for today:

For the record, while the original Reddit question asked about your rivals, I am just going to stick with NFC North teams today. For some reason, I would sometimes consider teams like the Falcons, Giants, Bucs, and others to be pseudo rivals, but really they don’t hold a candle to the obvious teams.

So let’s start with the LIONS, and see what nice things I can say about them:

  • I like that they have made a decently quick turn around from 0-16 misfortune to playoffs, thanks in large part to smart drafting and good coaching.
  • I think Jim Schwartz, while sometimes a dill pickle, is also a pretty cool guy whom I would like to have as my team’s head coach.
  • I would trade our new stadium for Ndaukong Suh to be on the professional team that I cheer for.
  • That Calvin Johnson is a consummate professional.
  • The Lions game on Thanksgiving is one of my most cherished holiday moments, even when they are playing horribly.

Continue on with the BEARS and see what nice things we can say about them:

  • They play in a very visually appealing stadium while I watch the game on TV. As I have never visited Soldier Field to see a game there in person, I cannot attest to where the in-person experience stacks up, but I would be baffled if it didn’t.
  • While some may argue the stereotyped Chicago Bears fan is overdone, I can’t help but release a soft chuckle when their old skit is played on Saturday Night Live.
  • Kristen Cavallari is easily the most attractive girlfriend/wife in the division.
  • I dig on their uniform’s shoulder stripes.
  • That orange and dark blue is also a pretty good color combination, and their all white uniforms have always been pretty solid.
  • When he smiles and cleans himself up, that Jay Cutler is rather dashing.

Lastly, we finish up with the PACKERS and try to find some nice things to say about them:

  • I love cheese. Love it. Goat cheese, Havarti dill, sharp cheddar, fresh mozzarella … Damn, man. I can’t hate them for that. 
  • I truly appreciate their green and gold uniforms. Not only that, I support their steadfast decision to keep their uniform as classic as possible, even during this transition the NFL made from Reebok to Nike. Kudos to tradition!
  • Aaron Rodgers is a good quarterback.
  • Green Bay was smart to not push too hard on getting Childress to visit Wisconsin to become their head coach.
  • I can neither confirm nor deny that Aaron Rodgers is gay, and that’s a compliment.

There. Now that this is all out of the way, let’s get back to hating on these ass hats immediately!